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A Short Walk In The Gambian Bush, West Africa

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On the road, The Gambia, West Africa, November 2009Abdouli (The Negotiator) Janneh and Momadou (Jamtang) Bah on the road, The Gambia, West Africa.

Two of our A Short Walk In The Gambian Bush team members. Five of us walked 928km around The Gambia with two donkeys, Neil and (p)Hadley from Novemner-December, 2009. You can read all about our expedition and adventures and see some beautiful images from Jason Florio (and a few from yours truly) on my other blog www.adventuretravelblogs.com/700miles

Image: Jones – The Gambia – 2009


a short walk in the gambian bush…..

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a 700 mile odyssey

a 700 mile odyssey

Please visit


for updates on the expedition

Where: The Gambia, West Africa

When: November-December 2009

What: To circumnavigate The Gambia, West Africa, by foot from the ‘Gardens for Life’ project  in the Western Division of the country and returning there approximately 8 weeks later (see map pg8)

Why: A Twofold Expedition:-

• An Anglo/Gambian journey to preserve, through photographic and audio means, a modern account of the people and stories of rural Gambia. This collection of pictures and words  will lay the foundations for a unique multi-media interactive website to be used as an ongoing tool to conserve these oral histories and current observations of life in The Gambia by Gambians. The photographs  taken along the way will also be used to produce a, first of its kind, fine art ‘coffee-table’ book of The Gambia.

•‘Gardens For Life’ (an Eden Project) charity, which help to educate, support and encourage schools and children around the world on how to create gardens and grow their own food. GFL also have a number of these gardens in The Gambia. Therefore, the walk will be a fund-raising tool for the charity and the Gambian schools, through sponsorship and donations.

Who: Jason Florio, Helen Jones & local Gambian’s, Abdouli Janneh & Mohammed Njie

please link to my ‘other blog’ www.ashortwalkinthegambianbush.wordpress.com for further updates.

this is what has been keeping me busy lately……expeditions are  a full time job!! please pass the link around as we will need as much support as possible (and a wee bit of sponsorship for the walk too……more on that a little later on). Thank you! Hxxxx 🙂

In Search of A New Dawn (Thanksgiving)

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In Search of A New Dawn

I wonder how America will wake to the news of whats happening in Mumbai right now?  Will they find it difficult to celebrate in light of the mayhem there that is partly aimed at them? I say ‘them’ but surely, these kind of attacks aimed more towards their government (and ours)? But, unfortunately, as is mostly the case in these incidents, its innocent civilians that suffer the loss of their lives. Should they just be thankful for the fact that they have been relatively ‘lucky’ so far with regards to terrorist attacks? Or will they just be thankful for the food on their tables on this Harvest Festival occasion because, on the whole, the majority of the population seem not even to be aware, or interested, of what is happening in the rest of the world – unless it is directly on their doorstep?

Imagine the Holiday Inn, the train station and restaurants in Wichita Falls being charged by a group of gun-weilding terrorists, shooting and slaughtering innocent people indiscriminately? The US would certainly be waking up to a rather different approach to Thanksgiving Day, me thinks and that news would definitely make it onto CNN!!

Perhaps we should all be thinking about those people who have lost their lives due to war and terrorist attacks – all over the world – in Afghanistan, Iraq, Somalia, Burma, The Congo and so on – and that continue to happen without really touching most of us.

So, when you are sitting round your tables, celebrating and feasting on turkey and pumpkin pie then give even one minute of your time to think of those who have suffered, are suffering, and will continue to suffer. Because if we all stop to really think of this at some point, then maybe we can then put a voice to those thoughts and unite in raising our voices against the atrocities that are happening all over the world. Afterall, we have to take some responsibilty for the actions of governments and corporations that invoke such anger and hate that lead to such atrocities. Why? Because the majority of us have the right to free speech and a vote.

We have to unite as a whole to change what is happening if we are ever going to see a new dawn.

Mandina Balong, Makasutu, The Gambia, W Africa (hellyjphotos 2008 Copyright)