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6 million a day (circa 1925 : cocoa cola slogan)

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circa 1925: cocoa cola slogan

'thirst knows no season' (circa 1922: cocoa cola slogan)

How true……….. UN report, Aug 2009 (Economist.com): 6 million people starving in Tigray…….. (Ethiopia).

Coca Cola certainly weren’t referring to 6 million starving and water-starved people.  6 million sales in 1925!! Just imagine what their daily sales are today. I haven’t been to Ethiopia (yet) but I was recently in another extremely poor 3rd world country – the Democratic Republic of Congo in Central Africa.

The Congolese rate of inflation is over 50% so you know that a bottle of a bottle of cocoa cola is not cheap. When the average Congolese person earns around $40-100 per month – those that are working that is (not to mentioned the thousands of homeless street children)……….there may be as much as 70% of  the population not in ‘formal’ employment. I wonder if the bread-heads at Cocoa Cola in their cushy, air-conditioned, 1st world offices in Atlanta, Georgia, in the good old U.S. of A ever consider what their adverstising means to the average person on the street in most of the countries that they stick up their multitudes of giant billboards?

Perhaps they should send out a CC delegation to Kinshasa, DR Congo,  to hang around Avenue Kasa-Vubu for a bit? Then again, they would be driven there in their hermetically-sealed 4 x drives from their hermetically-sealed $350 per night room at the Hotel Memling where a bottle of water costs a mere $3.50 and breakfast is bargain at around $30!

Hmmmmmmm……something not quite right with this picture………..more on this soon……

Avenue Kasa Vubu, Kinshasa, DR Congo, Central Africa (copyright.2009.hellyjphoto)


Childhood Interrupted

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10,000 Ethiopian children on the streets........

100,000 Ethiopian children on the streets.......

Childhood Interrupted – Jason Florio

To bring to light the extreme hardships of the estimated 100,000 children that live on and under the streets of Addis Ababa, Ethiopia. Many children are victims of child trafficking and family abuse and were forced to escape to the street.

Three years ago I was photographing in Addis Ababa the capital of Ethiopia and I met a young boy called Bruke who had runaway from a small village because of an alcoholic and physically abusive father and a step mother that did not want him. Bruke, when I found him was living with his friend Oromo in a small concrete hole that was 3 x 4 x 5 ft in size that was in the median of a very busy road. He was surviving, like so many of the street children there off left over plate scraps from restaurants. Through an outreach center that tries to help the estimated 100,000 plus street children that live in the Mercato market area of Addis I was also able to talk to many other children like Bruke who had escaped not just abusive families but were victims of child trafficking and prostitution. My dream assignment would be to return to Addis and make a detailed photo essay with audio interviews with the children that would bring to light the horrors of child trafficking and the extreme dangers that these young children face everyday on the streets. The ultimate dream would be to use part of the money to find Bruke and help him establish a life off the streets. If I cannot find him then I will donate part of the money to the Forum on Street Children, an NGO that helps rescue children from the hardships life on the streets of the Mercato area.

Work in progress……………

jason florio photo. 2006.copyright – Bruke, Ethiopian street boy, 13 years (approx)


Photo: Jason Florio http://www.floriophoto.com

the inimitable mr p!

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florio photo, london, June 08

florio photo, london, June 08