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reverie – synonyms: absorption, abstraction, castle-building, castles in the air

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2 Sunset, Slaotsburg, NY2 Sunset, Sloatsburg, NY – Image: Jones-2o10

Just back into the city after a blissful few days up country, dog-sitting for friends in their wonderful house by a lake – the lake being at the bottom of their garden!

What a contrast, being back in the noise-polluted streets of the city to the tranquility of the countryside…..surrounded by woods, wildlife, star-filled night skies, the full moon reflecting off the lake, and…….quiet stillness at night, until the dawn chorus sets off and the woods and lake come alive once again.

Back to the city and the constant drone of the huge air-conditioning units around the apartment block, the cacophony of the 24/7 traffic, horns blaring down 6th Avenue. I lie there at night waiting for the blissful few minutes when the air conditioning re-booting, wishing that I could fall asleep in those brief moments and escape the constant electronically-induced hum. The white noise of the city.

So, it begs the question: why do we choose to place ourselves in situations where there seems to be no respite from the perpetual drone of city life? Is it to distract ourselves from standing still and really looking at ourselves? Do we think that we are missing out if we are not in the hub of it all  – whatever ‘it’ is?

Would living in the country eventually present its own version of that perpetual drone? Quite possibly…..but then I’d rather take a chance, even in these uncertain financial times, and build my castle in the sky, surrounded by the constant hum of nature, over the oppressive concrete canyons of a city any day! Or, better still, a tree-house in the bush, by the balong, in West Africa but thats another story…..

But then……..I always have been a country girl at heart so why fight it.

HJ (May 2010)

PS and the best part is, is that we get to go back to the country in a couple of days and savour its delights for another week or so! Better get my architect’s head on!


the stillness…….

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....of water

....of water

Dos Ojos cenote, Quintana Roo, Mexico (hellyjphotos.2009.copyright)

another way in…….

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(hellyjphotos.2008.copyright)  Dallas, TX
another way in.........

In Search of A New Dawn (Thanksgiving)

Posted in Helen Jones - Wordly Images by hellyj on November 27, 2008

In Search of A New Dawn

I wonder how America will wake to the news of whats happening in Mumbai right now?  Will they find it difficult to celebrate in light of the mayhem there that is partly aimed at them? I say ‘them’ but surely, these kind of attacks aimed more towards their government (and ours)? But, unfortunately, as is mostly the case in these incidents, its innocent civilians that suffer the loss of their lives. Should they just be thankful for the fact that they have been relatively ‘lucky’ so far with regards to terrorist attacks? Or will they just be thankful for the food on their tables on this Harvest Festival occasion because, on the whole, the majority of the population seem not even to be aware, or interested, of what is happening in the rest of the world – unless it is directly on their doorstep?

Imagine the Holiday Inn, the train station and restaurants in Wichita Falls being charged by a group of gun-weilding terrorists, shooting and slaughtering innocent people indiscriminately? The US would certainly be waking up to a rather different approach to Thanksgiving Day, me thinks and that news would definitely make it onto CNN!!

Perhaps we should all be thinking about those people who have lost their lives due to war and terrorist attacks – all over the world – in Afghanistan, Iraq, Somalia, Burma, The Congo and so on – and that continue to happen without really touching most of us.

So, when you are sitting round your tables, celebrating and feasting on turkey and pumpkin pie then give even one minute of your time to think of those who have suffered, are suffering, and will continue to suffer. Because if we all stop to really think of this at some point, then maybe we can then put a voice to those thoughts and unite in raising our voices against the atrocities that are happening all over the world. Afterall, we have to take some responsibilty for the actions of governments and corporations that invoke such anger and hate that lead to such atrocities. Why? Because the majority of us have the right to free speech and a vote.

We have to unite as a whole to change what is happening if we are ever going to see a new dawn.

Mandina Balong, Makasutu, The Gambia, W Africa (hellyjphotos 2008 Copyright)