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comfortable but effective

Posted in Helen Jones - Wordly Images by hellyj on May 3, 2009
no need to shout.......

no need to shout.......

First and foremost, I have to credit a lovely verbacious friend of mine, David Teeple (also because he said I had to!) for the title of this particular post. Ok………here goes.
I was watching a very thought-provoking documentary on a flight sometime last year called ‘The 11th Hour’ (check it out….in a nutshell its about global warming….how what we do impacts this beautiful planet that we live on). One of the scientists being interviewed said something that really struck a chord with me…..to paraphrase: “things are the thief of time, the more things we want, the longer time it takes us to get them…..”
This got me to thinking how many  ‘things’ do we truly need? How the heading of this post came about stems from a conversation I was having the other night with Mr T about cell phones – of all things! He joked that did I choose my cell phone to match my shoes (white with turquoise trim – thats my cell not my shoes by the way!) or vice versa? He then pulled out his cell and quipped ‘my cell (black) matches my shoes (black) very nicely, thank you……comfortable but effective’! Who can argue with that?
As is often when reflecting on many conversations, I thought about how we get trapped into the whole marketing spiel of how we need to ‘upgrade this, upgrade that……upgrade, upgrade, upgrade’! When, in actual fact (and lets stick to cell phones as an example here) the cell phone that you already have possesess all that you need – in that it makes and receives calls, we can text if thats your thing and, on most models these days, we can take the odd photo or too should we so wish. So, why upgrade? Perhaps to end up with a different coloured cell phone to match each outfit for a week?! Why do we feel the need to constantly fix what is not broken and/or why do we need to ‘keep up with the Jones’?’ (which incidently, it being my namesake, when I first ever over-heard this expression around 9 years old in our local village shop, I thought the person was talking about my family…….gave me an inferiority complex for years!!).
Do we need ‘things’ to define who we are, what we are about……..in some way?  That then got me thinking about how we, in many different ways, convey our thoughts, beliefs, passions……….In a society (many Western societies at least…forgive me for generalising) whereby we often need to shout to be heard, or even be ‘seen’, its easy to see how certain individuals can come across with what may be perceived as a lack of passion and/or opinions if one is not particulary vocal (or verbacious!)  about those passions or opinions.
Lets take passion, or what really turns you on in life. This can be conveyed in so many other ways without having to shout it out loud……I guess, in any way that is particular to you (comfortable but effective springs to mind again)…it characterises who we really are.  And if we really look and listen, then we can see the passion that is often always there……… in whatever form it is expressed.
ok…thats my early sunday morning ramblings over with for now……at least it conveys my passion for words……however jumbled at times! 😉
Cans Festival, Southbank, London 2008 (hellyjphotos.2008.copyright)

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  1. dana said, on May 5, 2009 at 4:21 pm

    Personally I get turned off when someone is too vocal about their particular passion, especially if it seems to make them one dimensional. This over the top primal postering, whether it’s over political parties, political stances, global issues, saving the whales, protesting baby seal kills……or whether its something more artistically driven, takes away from the issue. To me, it is tainted with the “look at ME” brush which tells me the passionate person needs some attention and validation. I also think these kind of passions can turn into bullying very easily. I also find it very rude to be dismissed if I don’t happen to agree with the person’s perspective. This happens often…. rather than trying to listen to my side of things, or even calmly help me understand their reasoning etc…. there is a sense of entitlement felt in the unspoken message….”I’m right and you’re wrong and piss off…”

    Now….I can’t say I havent been very vocal and passionate about something to a point where I was irritating! But, i honestly try to keep some kind of open mindedness that perhaps what stirs me may not be the same as the person I’m communicating with.

    Passions can turn into obsessions very easily can’t they?

    ps. my cellphone is black and sitting in the bottom of my purse uncharged.

  2. hellyj said, on May 7, 2009 at 3:18 pm

    quiet and understated is a very good thing in my book….so much can still be achieved and/or conveyed…..a gesture, a look, can often communicate thoughts so much more than words…………yet, there are times when perhaps we do need to shout out loud……..if only to get heard over the cacophony of other peoples views and/or opinions!

  3. dana said, on May 11, 2009 at 9:20 pm

    oh, i can bellow! 🙂

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