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there might be giants

Posted in Helen Jones - Wordly Images by hellyj on January 15, 2009
if there is no believe, there is no point

if there is no belief, there is no point

I was having a conversation recently about believing – whether that be in oneself, in relationships or in others.

If we have belief, then surely anything is achievable?

Or is that just me being hopefull and/or idealistic?

We need to stop being afraid of giants because small things can seem immense and, at times, insurmontable in our lives – if we allow them to be. Let go of the fear and face the giants of life. Afterall, its only our perception of certain things that see’s them as herculean-like obstructions.

I remember as a child that I wasn’t truly afraid of the giants in story books because in the end they were mostly gentle creatures that needed nurturing, understanding and love….just as we all do………

However, although we can learn so much from our inner child, don’t let that child rule you completely – let it out to play every now and then, for sure, but put it to bed when it tries to take control. Afterall, we have grown so much more than that child.

Fear can hold us back from discovering, evolving and relishing so much. Have self-belief and your belief in others will surely follow.

Dedictated to JRF who perhaps allows that inner child to take control too often………..

The Giants Causeway ‘the organ’, N Ireland (hellyjphotos 2009 Copyright)