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Posted in Helen Jones - Wordly Images by hellyj on December 14, 2008
from the storm within
from the storm within

Why are people so angry?

Walking down the street past a man this
morning shouting at his small daughter,
whilst dragging her along – her almost running
to keep up on her little legs. Seeing her
pained little face almost broke my heart.
Is he angry because he is unhappy, hungover, or frustrated at his life?
I’m not quite sure where I am going  with this post but I sense so much unhappiness – masked as anger – around me. Anger creates a kind of inertia. Surely we need to learn how to stand outside of ourselves and question what it is that causes these feelings.  How can we relate to those around us otherwise? Moreover, how do we relate to ourselves and who we truly are?
‘There is a courage involved
if you want to become truth…..
whats the use of’
old and frozen thought……’ Rumi ‘Not Here’
I need to think more on this post………….
Whitlow Park, Highbury, London (hellyjphotos 2008 Copyright)

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  1. paulwchambers said, on December 15, 2008 at 2:02 am

    feelings are good sweet thing – most of the time when i post i have no clue where i am going – then again you know me well enough to know that

    courage indeed….

    we all need to think more on this – i feel awful when me and samuel are late for school and he has to walk a little quicker than normal and tells me he has a stitch! – god i could never drag him…

  2. Katie said, on December 15, 2008 at 8:40 am

    Poor girl. I have thought about this since I read it last night…I wonder what life is like for her, what the rest of the picture is..

    It is so hard to learn about controlling reactions to feelings. It is something we are talking a lot about here with a nearly teenage son in the house. Learning we (he/all of us) have a choice to react to a feeling or not, and a choice over how we react, even though there is no choice over feeling it in the first place.
    How we relate to ourselves and who we truly are? – a big question… it’s not always nice coming face to face with ourselves.

    Do you mind I added you to my links?

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